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Date: Mon
06 Dec 2004 14:24:39 +0000

I am going to tape it. That's my anniversary, so we (hopefully) will be going out to dinner and to see "National Treasure" that night, if the H can get off work on time. I do want to see Alter Bridge play on the  show and rumors are circulating that another of my "old" favorites will make an appearance. (Motley Crue) So..... we will see.


Looking forward to seeing Alter Bridge LIVE in January!! :) 

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So... is anyone going to waste the 3 hours watching the Billboard Music Awards, all just to see Alter Bridge perform?  I can't bring myself to believe that there could be any more worthwhile content on there, since much of the "music" industry has gone to shit with the Brittany's and Jessica's and Snoop's... it might be refreshing to see an actual musical act on a music awards show...
Alter Bridge is scheduled to make an appearance at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards, airing Wednesday, Dec. 8th at 8pm ET on FOX