[ Creed Discuss ] I got the Alter Bridge CD!

From: Jen Hessenthaler <JHessen77@direcway.com>
To: Creed Discuss Temporary Replacement <discuss@creedlisters.com>
Date: Wed
11 Aug 2004 15:06:51 -0500

Well I picked up the CD last night.  I am LOVING it!  The song In Loving Memory is my favorite so far.  That may change as I hear the album more, but I kind of doubt it.  What a beautiful tribute to (I assume) Mark's mom.  And while I love Open Your Eyes, hearing the other songs have really turned me on to Myles Kennedy.  He truly has an amazing voice.  They've won me over.  And Dan's artwork on the insert is great. 
What does everyone else think?