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I'm with you.  I heard that theory about 6 months ago, and after seeing the zombies nominated by the Democratic party I have to agree.  How could they possibly expect these two to win?  They have no personality, and that's just the beginning.  Can you imagine them really expecting to put a President in the White House whose First Lady was a Republican until her husband was nominated as a presidential candidate?  If they really wanted the White House this year they'd have Hillary running now, or be moving in the first "african american" president.  It would have to be someone a bit more controversial than John Kerry.  The only way for them to win this election is talking shit about Bush.  They have nothing good to say about their own guys. 
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I believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton intends to run for president at her very next opportunity.  If the Democrats win this year (Kerry), then the very next opportunity she will have will be eight years from now--Dems wouldn't try to oppose or replace a sitting Democratic President in four years.  Ipso facto, the Democrats want Hillary in four years far more than they want Kerry now.  But then again, that is the opinion of a Bush-loving, dyed-in-the-wool Republican.  =


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> hey, so how about the kerry/edwards ticket?


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