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Actually, on this I would blame the tour manager (who's name is escaping me at the moment).  he's trying to get as much exposure for the band as possible, but he's having to book around the Nickelback/3DoorsDown/PuddleOfMudd tour... probably not an easy feat, since the tour started without them.
They also nailed some pretty exclusive venues (like Disney World), so are trying to work around that.  But consider it this way... Paul has been on a literal Cloud 9 since Wednesday of last week (when they left for the tour)... he's so psyched about being on the road again.
I remind Gail and Tony at least twice a day now that Paul owes me a Michigan show... so once they announce it, why don't you and Lee load up in a car or two and head on up for it?  We're pushing for the Machine Shop in Flint MI (nice small bar with a kickass stage).
Here was the last Flint show...
The real irritating part now, is that Roman hasn't been mailing out the concert announcements.  I guess I have to bitch her out more (I already sent two evil mails to her this week... one about the condition of the 12S board, and the other because they didn't turn over the board data files to Kevin of American Pearl when we asked).  We'll see what happens.  ;)
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Stupid Wind-Up...or 12 Stones...I swear, you have to check that site every few's constantly changing.  I let like a week go by without checking it, and here's what happens:  Rich works in Milwaukee.  An hour ago Rich calls me and says, "Hey, I just got free tickets to Milwaukee Summerfest, but I've got stuff to do this weekend.  Find someone to go with you and check the website to see if there's anything cool going on."  So I go to, and what do you know?  On the 4'th of July 12 Stones will be playing.  What a pleasant, and free, surprise!  But kind of irritating...If he hadn't gotten those tickets I never would have known , and would have missed out.  In all my years living an hour from Milwaukee, I've been to summerfest once to see Lifehouse opening for 3 Doors Down a month after my husband died.  I would normally have no interest in going.  And this year there's no one terribly interesting there anyway, other than 12 Stones (and Tim McGraw if you like that country stuff), even though it's like a 10 day event.  So again, I wouldn't have known until it was too late.   I guess I should pay more attention...I think that's how they lure us into coming back to their website. 

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