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Date: Sat
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Posted on Fri, Apr. 23, 2004

The chic elite were out last weekend at the Ritz Carlton-South Beach for a big to-do featuring a Valentino fashion show and today's versions of Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and Rothschilds. On Wednesday, the who's who of local society flocked to Bal Harbour Shops for a big to-do at Christian Dior.

Although propriety and etiquette were of the order at Bal Harbour and over at the Ritz, up the block at the Shore Club was an unsightly situation involving Creed lead singer Scott Stapp and DanceStar USA's Ben Turner and Andy Ruffell. Proving that men will be boys, the fight ensued over a woman who, while in the company of Stapp's entourage, decided to make conversation with Turner. Bad move. The end result was a bloody nose, a visit to Mount Sinai's emergency room and a vow that, no matter how successful a dance remix of a Creed song may be in the future, the pious rock band will not be allowed to appear on stage at any DanceStar USA Dance Music Awards Show anytime soon. VU was unable to reach them for comment.