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From: "Kimberly Reid" <kimbereid@msn.com>
To: <creed-discuss@debbir.com>
Date: Thu
29 Jan 2004 20:29:40 +0000

1/27/04: Listening to Marks Demo

This weekend we got to have a girls weekend that was planned for a few months. At a local show we went to, we met up with Mark Tremonti, he invited us to hear the demo of his new material, he wanted us to hear it and come back and tell YOU, the fans, what we thought of it, well......
YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!!! The ballads will make you cry and the heavier stuff will make you headbang and scream! The lyrics are incredible, they hit right to the soul and for you guitar buffs, you are going to just hit the ground a bow to the guitar Gods. The guitar work is beautiful, its heavy, and its all Mark. He is going to show you what he can REALLY do! There is something for everyone on this new album and we have no doubt you will be BLOWN AWAY!! The album will be out late summer and we promise you its WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

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