Re: [ Creed Discuss ] and i thought my life was boring...

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Date: Sat
24 Jan 2004 09:18:32 EST

Hi everyone, don't really want to, or have any interest right now. This is very hard for me to say but my daughters trial was fucking bullshit (we come from a very small area) and needless to say that pedophile got off all they did was lie on the stand. he had 3 18 yr. old girls testify. We believe and have heard that his prominent family knew ppl on the jury. the thing is that he ADMITTED it to me and Hoverer and that I CANNOT get over because I know the truth and he is know 5 min away from us. We have a lot of issues to work thru as a family, and no faith in our justice system Eventually we will write letters to the govt and newspapers about the non-rights of rape victims and the law, but the PA rape coalition advised us against it for the moment
Sorry I'm not positive right now, but wanted to let ya all know I'm still here.
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and it really boils down to it IS sosdd...but what's happened to this
list?  ok, i'm howard dean and i'm yelling to GET EVERYONE AWAKE AND

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