[ Creed Discuss ] Guess who I saw yesterday!(NCR)

From: <mellg267@aol.com>
To: <creed-discuss@debbir.com>
Date: Sun
23 Nov 2003 13:01:57 EST

OK. Yesterday my family and I were walking through Bronner's Christmas shop in Frankenmuth,Michigan. As my husband and I were approaching the angel tree-topper section, I was shocked to see Uncle Kracker standing right there with a friend of his apparently. I was so stunned, all I could do was stare at him. He probably thought I was a freak because he kept looking at me too. Then, as my husband was dragging me away, another couple was standing next to us with the same expression on their faces. I said to them "Was that who I think it was?" and they said "Yeah, I think so." We stood there for a minute trying to compose ourselves and then headed up to the checkout counter. As we were buying our stuff, I asked the girls behind the counter if any of them had seen Uncle Kracker in the store. They said no, but that it was common for celebrities to be seen in Bronner's and also that he was putting on a concert nearby. I was shocked to put it mildly. I also was pissed at my self for not getting an autograph. Oh well. I just thought I would share my amazing experience to you all.

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