[ Creed Discuss ] Wow...look what I found on CreedPit

From: "Kimberly Reid" <kimbereid@msn.com>
To: <creed-discuss@debbir.com>
Date: Fri
21 Nov 2003 14:53:07 +0000

Mark told girls at the Meet and greet:

-- "Creed as we know it" is not going to be doing any actual new stuff together coming up.

-- Mark and Flip are going to be in another band (currently un named as of yet) with Brian Marshall...still looking for a singer.

-- As of now, Mark and Scott have parted ways. I believe that only THEY know what's going on, and I believe it's not OUR business. But while I wouldn't rule out something far down the road...don't hold your breath.

-- Things have changed.

-- There's a lot of speculation about stuff, but unless someone wants to actually step forward and offer something and actually back it up...it's just speculation.

-- Cherish the memories you have, what Creed's brought to your life and the friends you've made and experiences you've had.

-- Continue to love the music. I believe when they made each album it was from their hearts, minds and souls. It's impacted people in different ways, let it continue to do so.

-- Look forward to the future. New efforts to come and to check out.

-- Continue to support the band members like you did before. They're still people who need that. Obviously they won't necessarily know people are thinking of them or praying for them or what not, it can still do good.

-- We came here for the music and the band...but this became much more than that...on all the Creed boards out there. This is STILL a FAMILY. The bonds are being tested, but they have before and will again. I still hope and pray those bonds will hold.

-- The band as we know it CREED is no more.

-- The new band will NOT be called Downshifter. They decided against the name.

-- Flip will remain with Mark.

-- The genre will be extreme heavy metal. I brought up Disturbed and he said " Ten times heavier than Disturbed. Metallica even"

-- He said he has worked harder in the past 11 months than he ever has before.

-- Creed did get together for a rehearsal, but it just wasn't working out.

-- He seemed very excited about this new venture.

-- They are auditioning a lead singer.

-- There will not be a DVD.

-- There will not be a "new" Creed album anytime in the near future.

-- He and Scott have parted ways.

-- His new band expects to have an album out by this summer.

New source:

-- Michael also told us last night in chat that Mark has two different bands he's looking into -- one would be the Creed-style of music, of which he has 11 songs already written (some would have been on the next Creed album), and that's the one with Flip and Brian Marshall, where they're looking for a singer. The other one is the harder, heavier music, and that's the one that may use the name "Downshifter."

-- Brian Marshall has a new band and it is called headheavy.

-- Mark did mention this but he was talking about the metal band he wanted to do in the future. The project he is working on now IS NOT THAT BAND. I have heard the songs he has written and produced in his studio. They run the gamut from ballads to epic anthemic rock to heavy songs. Hes been working on these songs for a year and a half and are among the best he's ever written.


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