Re: [ Creed Discuss ] VH1's Top 40 of 2002/John Mayers

From: "Megan" <>
To: "The New Improved Less Lame List" <>
Date: Fri
27 Dec 2002 21:40:54 -0800 (PST)

Shakira had two songs on the Top 40, too.  I think it's because she can shake her ass really fast, lol.  I think one or two other artists had a couple, too.  Maybe Santana?  I don't know.  I didn't watch the whole thing, but they reviewed 'em all really fast at the end.

The first time I saw/heard John Mayer was with his "superman" song, and I thought two things: 1)Dave Matthews copy-cat (his voice is similar), and 2)3 Doors Down-"Superman"...???  Has anyone, besides me, noticed that there have been a lot of songs about Superman in the past year or two?  Can't think of the other groups who did those kind of songs right now.  Well, Eminem had that super-hero costume on in one of his videos...

Oh, and I hate the Dixie Chicks, too!


 Nanci Yourell <> wrote:

Ok, I won't quote you, but you're probably right.  I noticed that only the group No Doubt were the only other group to have at least 2 songs on that list.

On another note OLB has moved down to #19 on the top 20 countdown.  I know a lot of people like John Mayer, but IMHO, I just can't stand him and he is like at #4.  Also while I'm sharing my musical dislike, Fleetwood Mac is one of my most favorite groups and the Dixie Chicks have (resung?) Landslide and every time I see it I want to reach through my tv and make all three of them mute and disappear.  I just find them so obnoxious.

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